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Improve your mental focus, creativity, well-being as you disconnect from the world’s distractions with float therapy, massage therapy, or a massage chair session at Solitude Float & Wellness Spa.
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Our float pods are utilized in top athletic and training facilities across the country.

Float Therapy

During a 60+ minute session, you will enter a luxurious float room and immerse yourself in an Epsom salt bath, giving you the sense of weightlessness. Experience deep relaxation and emerge from your float session refreshed, calm and happy.

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Benefits of Floating

A quick glance at how floating can improve your life
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Reduce Blood Pressure, Anxiety, and Chronic Pain

Floating helps to reduce blood pressure and chronic pain. One of the main factors leading to this effect is the weightlessness of floatation therapy. This is especially helpful for those with tension in skeletal muscles. Anxiety is often triggered by overwhelming sensory inputs. When floating you are in control, and sensory signals are reduced, leading to a decrease in Anxiety
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Increase Sleep Quality and Improve Mental Focus

Studies have shown statistically meaningful data that floatation therapy improves long-term sleep quality. On top of this, floatation therapy takes you out of the constant distractions of life, helping to create a space where you can truly focus with a relaxed body and alert mind.
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Enhance Muscle Recovery and Reduce Tension

Floatation therapy has been shown to reduce blood lactate in athletes resulting in enhanced muscle recovery and less soreness. Several collegiate and professional sport franchises have added floatation pods their training facilities for training recovery purposes.
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Enhance Creativity

Floating helps you isolate yourself from the mundane day to day tasks and pressures of life. Floating takes you out of these pressures and can boost your creativity and originality levels

Massage Therapy

Solitude also provides massage therapy for naturally reducing stress and increasing overall wellness. Solitude offers Deep Tissue, Medical, Swedish, Reflexology, and Trigger Point massage sessions.
Reduced muscle tension
Improved circulation
Reduced amount of stress hormones
Overall relaxation
Increase Immune function
Increased mental health & wellness
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Elevate your solitude experience with a massage chair Session

A great compliment to a float therapy session is a relaxing chair massage. Enjoy one before or after your float therapy session.

Cost Effective & Easily Accessible
Enhanced Blood Circulation
Reduce Anxiety and Stress
Increase Relaxation
Benefits Posture
Reduce Impact of Motion Injuries
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