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Our Mission

Through state-of-the-art therapies our mission is to help people achieve awareness, creativity, comfort, focus and joy, while reducing anxiety, depression, pain, soreness and stress.
Female walking in the lobbyFemale walking in the lobby
Solitude sign on wallSolitude sign on wall

Our Culture

Solitude employees are team players and exhibit high levels of enthusiasm, professionalism and friendliness. Everyone works hard to accommodate customer needs and make them feel welcome. OurSolitude family prides itself on building long term relationships and we value customer loyalty.  

Our team members follow best practices to ensure the highest levels of water quality, sanitation, and safety. We believe customers deserve the very best and a clean environment is at the heart of our operation. Solitude team members are willing to roll up their sleeves and get the job done right!  

Building on a tradition of excellence, representatives of Solitude demonstrate integrity in everything they do.
Front of store pictureFront of store picture
female floating in pod in dark roomfemale floating in pod in dark room

Core Values

These are the guiding principles that help Solitude stay on the right path.
It makes the dream work!
Our approach is calm, relaxed and attentive
Helping people improve their lives excites us!
Purpose, pride and a positive attitude in everything we do
Employee and customer safety is not negotiable

The Solitude Brand

Solitude is the joyful state of being alone where we can reflect, rest and take personal inventory without being disturbed. Moments of solitude give us the power to connect with our true nature, inspire creativity, experience gratitude for life, cope with loss, become immersed in prayer, or simply relax in deep meditation.

front of store with chairs in the shotfront of store with chairs in the shot

"True silence is the rest of the mind, and is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment"

- William Penn

Enso Logo

The Enso circle, popular in Japanese Calligraphy, is a hand-painted symbol created with a single brush stroke. The Enso symbolizes enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe, and mu (the void). In Zen it represents the absolute, the true nature of existence, the duality within life, and the imperfection of all things.

Solitudes logo on the wall glowingSolitudes logo on the wall glowing

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