Benefits of Floating

The world we live in has become increasingly connected, while this has many benefits, it also leads to accessibility and connectivity overload. It is often challenging to escape phone calls, text messages, emails, and social media content that we are always receiving. On top of this, today's society often values productivity over wellbeing. All of this can often lead to feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.

Flotation therapy provides a valuable break from the pressures and connectivity of daily life.
Also known as ‘REST’ (Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy), floatation therapy is at the pinnacle of active recovery methodologies, allowing participants to reap countless physical and mental benefits. Participants report a substantial reduction in anxiety and muscle tension, along with substantial increase in serenity and relaxation.
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Float Therapy Pricing

1st Float

60 Minute Float
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Experience float therapy for the very first time at Solitude.
25% OFF

Single Float

60 Minute Float
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Get back into the flow state with a single 60 minute float.

One Float

One 60 Minute Float Per Month
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Reduce stress and anxiety with a one float per month membership
$79 Value

Two Floats

Two 60 Minute Floats Per Month
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Improve mental focus and enhance creativity with a two float per month membership
$158 Value

Four Floats

Four 60 Minute Floats Per Month
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Increase mindfulness and manage pain with a four float per month membership
$316 Value

3 Float Package

Three 60 Minute Float Sessions
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Get a pack of three 60 minute floats at a great price
$237 Value

5 Float Package

Five 60 Minute Float Sessions
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A five 60 minute float session package at an unbelievable price
$395 Value

Physical Health Benefits

Decrease Chronic Pain
Several studies have shown that participants with chronic pain report significant reductions in severe pain intensity after floating. Tension in skeletal muscles is also greatly reduced after floating.
Reduce Blood Pressure
Blood pressure is one of the key indicators of stress and anxiety. Studies have generated statistically significant data showing both systolic and diastolic blood pressure are greatly reduced during float sessions.
Increase Sleep Quality
Studies have generated statistically meaningful data showing that flotation therapy can improve long-term sleep quality. Sleep latency, the time it takes to fall asleep, can also be reduced through repeated floatation therapy sessions.
Enhance Muscle Recovery and Decrease Tension
Flotation therapy has been shown to reduce blood lactate in athletes resulting in enhanced muscle recovery and less soreness.  

Mental Health Benefits

Reduce Anxiety
During float sessions, anxiety sensory signals are all massively reduced resulting in lower blood pressure and muscle tension, along with an increased awareness of heartbeat and breathing.
Relieve Stress
Flotation therapy provides an environment where one can easily enter a state of distraction-free relaxation, resulting in significant stress reduction.
Treat Nervous System Disorders
During flotation therapy, magnesium is absorbed through the skin giving the nervous system a healthy boost of magnesium, which helps control the production of the stress hormone cortisol.
Increase Mindfulness
The stillness allows floaters to recognize and quiet their thoughts. Through floating, you can empty your mind and become more mindful in the process.
Increase Focus
One of the primary goals of floatation therapy is to reduce distractions and create a space where one can truly focus with a relaxed body and an alert, attentive mind.
Reduce Symptoms of Depression
Flotation therapy provides an environment where one can easily enter a state of distraction-free relaxation, resulting in significant stress reduction.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What if I'm claustrophobic?

Many people find it more comforting to leave the lid of the pod open during their floats. This is especially true of first-time floaters. However, once you see how much room the pod affords, you just might decide to try it with the lid closed. And remember, you can exit the pod at any time.

Can I float if I have a small cut or nick?

We provide petroleum jelly to our guests to cover any minor nicks or cuts prior to entering the pod to protect them from the sting of salt water.

Is it OK to shave before floating?

We recommend not shaving the day of your float.

What if I get the salt water in my eyes?

We encourage you not to touch your face during your float for that very reason. However, if you really have an itch you just can’t ignore, we provide a small dry towel for you to dry your hand before touching your face.

Will floating affect my hair color?

Our float water does contain a small amount of hydrogen peroxide (40ppm), so we strongly recommend not floating for 10 days following a hair treatment of permanent or semi-permanent color or highlights.

Do you clean and sanitize your pods between floats?

Yes! We strictly follow the Float Tank Association’s North American Float Tank Standards. Please click here to read a full description of our sanitation and filtration method.

What if I fall asleep? Is there a risk of drowning?

You will be floating in just 11 inches of water that contains approximately 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt—causing your body to be extremely buoyant in the water and making it almost impossible for you to turn over. However, if you should manage to flip onto your stomach while asleep, the high concentration of salt in the water would immediately cause discomfort to your eyes, nose and mouth — alerting your body to wake up.

Is there an age limit to floating?

Minors under 18 years of age must have parental or guardian consent to float. For children under 12, a parent or guardian should call ahead and talk to one of our staff members to determine if floating is appropriate for your child.

Can I float if I’m pregnant?

Definitely! The added weight and pressure of pregnancy is significantly relieved while floating, bringing relief and relaxation to both mind and body. Always consult your doctor before floating.

Can I float if I am menstruating?

Absolutely. Please just follow the same sanitary standards used while using hot tubs or pools.

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