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Floating is a way to improve mental focus, creativity, well-being and pain management, while disconnecting from the world’s distractions. During a 60+ minute session, you will enter a luxurious float room and immerse yourself in an Epsom salt bath. The solution is heated to body temperature, and the Epsom salt allows you to float, giving you the sense of weightlessness. You are in total control of the environment—including light and sound options. Participants typically experience deep relaxation and emerge from their float session refreshed, calm and happy.

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woman dipping her feet into the float podwoman dipping her feet into the float pod

What is a Float Spa?

A float spa (also called a float center) is a location with one or more shallow pods filled with approximately eleven inches of water containing a high concentration of Epsom salt, creating a relative density of approximately 1.275. The water is heated to the same temperature as the skin.
At Solitude Float and Wellness Spa, our customers enjoy state-of-the-art Evolution® Float Pods by Superior Float Tanks, that include luxurious amenities not offered by many float spas.
Solitude sign on front of the buildingSolitude sign on front of the building
"You only grow when you are alone"

How Does it Work?

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If you are a first-time customer, plan to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your scheduled float to ensure time to register, watch a short instructional video and receive a tutorial from one of our friendly staff members. You’ll be given a tour of the facility and taken to your private float room. You can then undress to a level you are comfortable with, and shower. (Note: When showering it is important to wash thoroughly with soap and shampoo, but no conditioner is allowed as it can impact water quality.)

Ear plugs are provided for your convenience to block any water from entering the ear canal, and petroleum jelly is available to cover any open wounds or scratches. (We highly recommend not shaving directly before your float.) An optional flotation pillow is also provided to help keep your head above water.

After showering, you will climb into the pod and immediately notice the unique buoyancy of the Epsom salt/water solution. Lay on your back, finding a comfortable position. Then simply relax. First-time floaters are set up with an automated program, which begins with colored light and spa music. These effects are very relaxing and will fade away during the first 15 minutes of the float, leading to a dark and quiet environment. Much like massage, many people become so relaxed they fall asleep when floating. Don’t worry! The lighting and sound will fade back in with 5 minutes left in the session to wake you up.

Watch Our Introduction

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women floating in pod in a well lit roomwomen floating in pod in a well lit room
A great way to unwind and get away from the stress of everyday life.

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