The Daily Process Interview with Solitude Float and Wellness Spa Co-founder, Matt Davis

Listen as Solitude Float and Wellness Spa Co-founder Matt Davis and The Daily Process Podcast hosts discuss how the float spa started, the mental and physical benefits of floating, and how it can support your self-care routine or even help you learn a new language.

What is self-care? Or perhaps a better question is, what is self-care for you? The very nature of self-care is incredibly personal and often takes time to discover the formula for feeling your best.

Our friends at The Daily Process podcast (Sam Gutowski and Natalie Myers) are constantly investigating and exploring, as they put it, "finding your purpose, self-care, living intentionally, and all the shit in between."

The Daily Process podcast hosts "interviews with pioneers in the self-care community," and they recently invited Solitude Float and Wellness Spa Co-founder, Matt Davis, to join them for a conversation on all things float therapy.

In this episode of The Daily Process, hear what inspired the opening of Solitude, the many benefits of float therapy (also known as sensory deprivation or REST), and what hosts Sam and Natalie thought about their first time in a float pod.

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